Pool, Deck & Patio Demolition in Jacksonville

Rejuvenating Your Outdoor Living Space

Creating Beauty for Your Enjoyment

There are many reasons why you would need a pool, deck, and/or a patio demolition in Jacksonville. Perhaps you've just bought a home, and you don't like one of the features of the home. Perhaps your pool, deck, or patio has worn out, and you intend to build a new one. Or, perhaps you have one of these design features, and you don't use it, so you want to clear the space so you can create your own unique backyard design.

Elev8 Land Clearing & Demolition offers residential demolition services, including pool, deck, and patio demolition in the Jacksonville, FL area. Our professional team strives for 100% satisfaction from our customers. We want to help you create a space that you will not only use, but one that you will enjoy for many years to come. Call our demolition company for a free estimate today!


  • Professional demolition contractors have the right equipment
  • Professional demolition contractors have the right knowledge
  • Professional demolition contractors will haul it all away for you
  • Saves you time, effort, hassle & headaches
  • Someone else does all the heavy lifting & hauling
  • Professional demolition contractors will leave your land looking good again

While having a pool, deck, or patio can be enjoyable at your Jacksonville home or office, there may come a time when it has outlived its usefulness. For example, your pool may be in disrepair and is now a safety hazard. Your deck is old and either needs to be replaced or torn out. Your patio is taking up too much of your backyard, and you really want to plant beautiful plants there instead.

When your pool, deck, or patio needs to go, call in Elev8 Land Clearing & Demolition for residential or commercial demolition services in the Jacksonville area. Our experienced team will demo your project and haul it away for you, leaving you the space to do as you choose. We can work in extremely tight spaces, and we never leave anything behind. Our mission is to make your outdoor space usable, whether you're looking for a backyard oasis to escape the franticness of your day, or you're demoing out a commercial pool to make room for an expanded recreation center. Our demolition company leaves no stone unturned. Below, we'll take a look at some top reasons to remove your unwanted landscaping elements. Contact our team today!



You Want to Repurpose Your Outdoor Space

Having an outdoor space at your home or office to retreat to when the day becomes hectic is priceless. More importantly, you want this outdoor area to be a space you will use. If you have a swimming pool, but don't use it, then it should probably go. After all, pools not only take up a lot of space, but they are time-consuming and can be expensive to maintain. If your deck is too small and you want a larger one in order to entertain or sit outside and watch the night stars come out one by one, then consider having it demoed out. If your patio is cracked and just needs to be repoured, we can demo it for you and remove it. Call Elev8 Land Clearing & Demotion in Jacksonville to get started today!

You Have No Space

Everyone's outdoor space is different. However, if you have a small backyard space, it can seem even smaller when you add in something as big as a swimming pool, a wrap-around deck, or a patio. While concrete and water have their uses, greenery and brightly-colored flowers with butterflies flitting and hummingbirds feeding are what soothes and relaxes you the most. Life is too short to not have an enjoyable outdoor space that you and your family can use and make memories with. If your toddler needs a play set or a sandbox more than a concrete slab, Elev8 Land Clearing & Demolition can help you. Give us a call today!

Your Pool, Deck or Patio Is Too Much Work

There may come a time when your outdoor pool, deck, or patio may be more work than it's worth. This is especially true for pools, which are a lot of work to begin with, but if you don't use it and it's still work, your swimming pool may need to go. Wooden decks have to be regularly restained and the wood replaced. Patios have to be cleaned, and they are susceptible to cracking, shifting, and settling as they age. There may also come a time when the cost to replace your pool, deck, or patio will outweigh the benefit. In either case, partnering with a top-rated demolition company in Jacksonville, such as Elev8 Land Clearing & Demolition, will be your best bet.


Demolition takes skill and precision in order to be successful. After all, you are operating heavy equipment that weighs many tons that need to be maneuvered precisely so nearby structures and landscaping are not damaged. Our demolition company in Jacksonville can handle any backyard demolition work, or office space work. Our team invests in on-going training and safety in order to protect our employees, customers, and passersby. We are licensed and insured for added liability protection.

When you need pool removal or deck or patio demolition, give Elev8 Land Clearing & Demolition a call today. We are quick to respond and offer free estimates. We'll come out to your home or business and do a complete survey of what you need done. We'll talk to you to find out the entire scope of the product, and then we'll give you a price estimate and a time estimate on when we can get to you. We work extremely efficiently and quickly, meaning the wait times for demolition jobs are usually not long. We often can complete a pool, deck or patio demolition job in one day. Give our team a call today!