Should You Remove Your Pool?


Many people have pools in their backyards. After all, there’s nothing quite like taking a plunge in a cool pool on a hot, summer day here in Florida. For some homeowners, the novelty of owning a pool has worn off, their kids have grown and moved away, or the pool has become too much of a hassle to keep up. Thus, the idea of a pool removal service begins to be kicked around.

ELEV8 Demolition is a demolition contractor in Jacksonville offering pool demolition services. Our team offers the highest-quality service that will exceed your expectations. We operate a safe demolition site, ensuring our employees are trained and practicing best practices and that passersby are safe as well. We are a full-service demolition company, handling every aspect of your demolition service from beginning to end, including the permit process, utility disconnections, and cleanup services. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the reasons to keep or get rid of your backyard pool. Call us for a free estimate today!


Do you use your pool?

For many, this is the deciding factor in their pool removal decision. After all, pools are a lot of work, and if you aren’t using them, they may not be worth it. If your kids have flown the coop and no one in your family uses the pool, you may want to consider a pool demolition service.

Does your pool need an upgrade?

Pools need refurbishing every now and then, meaning their tile and concrete need to be replaced. This can be a big expense, not to mention a hassle as your pool has to be drained and it will be out of use while it is being redone. If you don’t use your pool very much anymore and it’s old, the cost to fix it or repair it may not be worth it. Call ELEV8 in Jacksonville for pool removal instead.

Are you looking to sell your home?

If you are looking to put your Jacksonville house on the market soon, having a pool can be a Catch-22 for many potential home buyers. After all, the idea of having a pool is appealing, but the upkeep is not. In addition, families with small children may not like the risk it brings with having a backyard pool. Thus, if you have a newer pool, it can add value to your home and appeal to new home buyers. However, it can also be a negative in some instances.

Does your pool take up too much space?

Another big reason that ELEV8 Demolition performs a lot of pool demolitions is because the pool takes up a big chunk of the homeowner’s backyard. With the push towards outdoor living spaces and bringing nature to you rather than going to nature, many homeowners want to use their backyard for other features, such as rock gardens, decks, outdoor kitchens, and butterfly havens. They’d rather replace the pool with the soothing sound of a water feature that takes up a fraction of the space and requires half of the maintenance. Call us for pool demolition today!


Many people have pools in Jacksonville and love them. However, pools can wear out their usefulness, and since they take up a lot of space, it’s best to remove them if unwanted or unused.

ELEV8 Demolition has been performing pool removal services for Jacksonville homeowners for years. We have small heavy equipment that can maneuver into your backyard, causing little damage to your existing landscaping. We can remove your backyard pool often in one day. We’ll demo out all the concrete, load it up, haul it away and see if it can be recycled, and then fill the hole left behind for you. Call our pool removal company today!


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