3 More Backyard Design Ideas for Your Jacksonville Home


Most of us love to spend time outdoors. Breathing in fresh air, soaking in the sun’s rays, and listening to the sounds of the birds and animals can breathe a fresh life into our souls and give us the energy and the inspiration we need. Having an outdoor living space that you love retreating to can be the cat’s meow.

ELEV8 Demolition offers the best backyard demolition services in the greater Jacksonville area. Whether you need a barn or pool removal service, or you just need some trees, brush, and stumps cleared, we can help. Our expert team has years of experience to put to good use. Below, we’ll offer up three more of our favorite backyard design ideas for you to consider, and call us for a free backyard demolition quote today!



Many people love decks here in Jacksonville. They are great spaces to step out onto from your French doors or sliding glass doors. Decks are great outdoor living spaces that provide a great seating area to have guests over or to sit, eat dinner, and watch the stars come out at night. Decks tend to be elevated, giving you a good view of your backyard, and they are versatile. You can put outdoor furniture and grills on them, and they make for great gathering areas, such as for family events or birthday parties. You can choose the material and the look, and they are low maintenance.


Pergolas are wooden structures that consist of a beam and rafters. Many people love pergolas as they offer the best of both worlds; they offer shade and sun. They offer structure and shade, but they give you an airy, outdoor feeling. You can add a shade, hang lights for a divine al fresco dinner, or grow flowers and climbing vines on their trellises to add color to your backyard space. You can create the perfect outdoor sitting area with a pergola, which is why many Floridians are adding these structures to their backyard designs.

Water Features

From ponds to fountains, many homeowners in Jacksonville are adding water features to their outdoor living space. Similar to the feeling one gets from watching a fire burn, a water feature can be soothing and calming. The burbling noise can lure us to sleep, and watching birds come and drink or koi fish swim can be a feast for the eyes. Water features can be a great focal point for your backyard design as well. Many people love to provide water for migratory animals, such as butterflies and birds, as well as the squirrels and other backyard critters.


While you may love the idea of adding a pergola and a water feature to your backyard living space, there may be a structure, such as a barn or a shed in the way.

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