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We provide full-service home demolition for homes in Jacksonville and the many surrounding areas. We are thoroughly experienced in all types of building teardowns, so you can rest assured that no home is too much of a challenge for us.


ELEV8 specializes in comprehensive home demolition services throughout Jacksonville. Our residential demolition company can help you dismantle your property irrespective of its architectural complexity!


Step 1: Get a Free Quote

When you call ELEV8 for a home demolition job, we'll come to your location, perform a survey, ask you some questions, and get you a written estimate proposal.

Step 2: Pull Permits

Once we've agreed on the demolition project, we'll move forward with the process. We pull the demolition permits and perform our extensive pre-demolition process, which ensures a safe and no-hassle demolition job.

Step 3: Disconnect Utilities

All utilities must be disconnected before we proceed. ELEV8 will handle this for you, ensuring that once you partner with us, your demolition job is hassle-free.

Step 4: Perform Demolition Work

Here's where the action takes place. We'll arrive at the location and begin the demolition process. We work quickly and efficiently to ensure your demolition job is done on time and on budget.

Step 5: Site Cleanup

When you partner with ELEV8 for a Jacksonville demolition, we immaculately clean up the site, leaving it ready for your next usage.

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No residential demolition project is too complex for our experienced team to handle. If you’re in Jacksonville or the surrounding regions, give us a call.

With ELEV8, here’s what you can count on:


Licensed and Insured

ELEV8 Demolition abides by all local and state requirements for licensing and insurance. This includes general liability, as well as workman's compensation. This ensures that our employees, customers, and anyone passing by are protected in case of an accident. Our Certified General Contractor number is (CGC #1528313).


Fast Permit Pulling

The majority of residential demolition projects require a demolition permit from the city or county in which the property is located. The permitting process can be arduous and frustrating for property owners attempting to manage it on their own. As a state-licensed Certified General Contractor, ELEV8 can take permitting worries off your checklist.



Time is money, as the saying goes, and the team here at ELEV8 Demolition understands that when it comes to our demolition services. When you call us for a free estimate, we aim for a one-business-day turnaround. We work quickly through the permitting and utility shut-off process, so we can begin as soon as possible with your residential or commercial demolition. Once we begin, most demolition jobs are completed in about a week's time or less. In some instances, we offer same-day quotes. Call now to begin!


No Upfront Payment

ELEV8 Demolition is confident in the demolition work that we perform for our customers. We do not require any payment upfront; you will be billed when the demo job has been completed.



Contact Us Today to Get Started

No residential demolition project is too complex for our experienced team to handle. If you’re in Jacksonville or any of the surrounding areas of Florida, contact us today to get started on any residential demolition projects on your radar.