4 Signs It’s Time To Demolish Your Building


If your building is old, structurally unsound, or otherwise in disrepair, it may be time to demolish it. However demolition can be a complicated and dangerous process, so it’s important to make sure that it’s absolutely necessary before proceeding. In today’s post from ELEV8 Demolition in Jacksonville, we are going to discuss four signs that it’s time to demolish your building. Read on to learn more, and if you’re in need of commercial demolition services, reach out to our team today.

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Dilapidated building

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The Building Is Old & in Disrepair

If your building is old and in disrepair, it may be time to demolish it. Common occurrences that cause a building to be damaged beyond saving include age, neglect, or damage from a natural disaster. If the building is in danger of collapsing or otherwise an eyesore and cannot be repaired, it’s definitely time to demolish it.

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Building that is falling apart

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The Building Is Structurally Unsound

A building is considered structurally unsound if it is in danger of collapsing. This can be due to age, damage, or even poor construction. If this is the case with a building you own, it may be a sign that you should contact a local commercial demolition contractor for a quote.

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A safety notice for an unsafe property

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The Building Is a Safety Hazard

A building can become a safety hazard in a number of ways. Whether it’s in danger of collapsing, contains hazardous materials, or has become a fire hazard, buildings that are a danger to others should be demolished and removed promptly and properly by a professional demolition contractor.

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An old building with graffiti

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The Building Is in the Way of Progress

When a building is in the way of progress, it may need to be demolished. The building could be preventing the construction of new buildings or roads, blocking the view of a scenic area, or it may be preventing the growth of vegetation. Regardless of the exact reason, sometimes older buildings have to be demolished and removed to make way for progress.


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