Can a General Contractor Do Home Demolition in Jacksonville?

ELEV8 is a state-licensed certified general contractor in Jacksonville, FL. Today on our blog, we will be discussing if a general contractor, like ourselves, is able to perform home demolition in Jacksonville. It’s important to know if your general contractor can provide this service, due to the permits and licenses that will be required. You should also make sure you turn to a certified general contractor with years of prior demolition experience for your project. Continue reading to learn more and contact ELEV8 to get a free quote!


If a company has a certified or registered general contractor’s license, then its staff is allowed to demolish any building or structure regardless of its height, including residences. A certified or registered general contractor is able to perform residential demolition in Jacksonville. Since we are a state-licensed certified general contractor, ELEV8 can provide you with quality residential demolition services. Our services include full-service demolition projects such as total demolition, selective demolition and interior demolition. We have the certification needed to provide top quality service for our clients and ensure their satisfaction.

Choose Our Contractors

The residential demolition contractors at ELEV8 are experienced in performing demolition services to large and small home structures, including pools, mobile homes, modular homes, and more. As a certified general contractor, we have the necessary liability insurance and workers compensation insurance policies to ensure our customers are protected at all times during their home demolition in Jacksonville. With our team, you can have peace of mind that your demolition will go smoothly and efficiently, since we have everything you need to complete your project on time and within budget. Get started by having our team arrive at your location to survey the area and then provide you with a free written estimate!

A demolition site behind a fence
An excavator on a demolition site

We Handle the Logistics

As a state-licensed certified general contractor, ELEV8 can handle everything needed for your house demolition in Jacksonville, including obtaining permits, ensuring proper water management, performing utility disconnects and more. After the demolition, our crew will even clean up the entire site so you have a clean slate for your new project. At the end of the day, we are able to provide you with superior home demolition services, including handling the logistics in between. That’s what makes ELEV8 stand out from the rest, as well as making us one of the best certified general contractors in the Jacksonville area.

Our Standard

When you work with the team at ELEV8, you can rest assured you’re working with a friendly and caring company that puts our customers first. Our standard of excellence promotes a safety guarantee, our commitment to arriving on time, and our ability to stay within budget. We not only care about completing your project to your satisfaction, but we also want to be able to build a trusting relationship with each of our clients, which is what makes us a beloved company. Choose ELEV8 to be your trusted certified general contractor for your next home demolition project in Jacksonville.

Construction worker walking across a site

After reading our article, you’ll know that a certified or registered general contractor is able to perform home demolition in Jacksonville. ELEV8 is a state-licensed certified general contractor with several years of experience in residential demolition. We can handle any size project you throw at us, including total demolition, selective demolition and interior demolition services. We ensure that your project will flow smoothly and efficiently, every time. Turn to the team at ELEV8 for superior demolition services that’s backed by our standard of excellence. Contact us to get started with a free quote today!

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