ELEV8 Demolition Tears Down River City Brewing Co


ELEV8 Demolition tore down the landmark restaurant River City Brewing Co in July, 2022. The developer of the property plans to build a 326-unit apartment complex that will overlook the St. Johns River and downtown Jacksonville.

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Completion of the Project

This commercial demolition project took a few days to complete. As you can imagine, tearing down any building is a complicated and delicate process involving a lot of pre-planning and preparation. ELEV8 Demolition is a turnkey demolition company, handling the entire process from beginning to end.

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25,506 Square Feet of Materials

This restaurant was 25,506 square feet. As you can imagine, that’s a lot of demolished material to haul away. ELEV8 demolition recycles as much of their demolition material as possible, helping to ensure landfills only receive the bare minimum and ensuring materials are reused as appropriate.

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Safety First

At the demolition of the River City Brewing Co, ELEV8 Demolition was extremely cautious and safe, implementing the best safety measures possible to keep the crew and passersby safe. This demolition company posts signs and implements barriers, as well as ensures the building is demolished in a way that avoids unexpected fall hazards.

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Attention to Detail

A commercial demolition project in Jacksonville involves a lot of attention to detail and awareness of what’s happening around you. The crew members communicate regularly so that everyone (the heavy equipment operators and the ground crew) understand the steps.



The demolition of River City Brewing Co, a former restaurant in Jacksonville, is a great example of what ELEV8 Demolition can do for its customers. From residential and commercial to industrial and warehouses, we can ensure your demolition project is on time, on budget, and safe. Contact us for a free quote today!

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Our experience, and know-how means we can handle complex buildings up to 8 stories tall, as well as those in close quarters. We offer a turnkey commercial demolition solution (from environmental testing through permit pulling and utility disconnects) to streamline the process.


From house demolitions large and small to ancillary structures (garages, barns, pools, etc.), we are experienced in demolition of all types of structures, so you can rest assured that no residential demolition project is too much of a challenge for us.



If you need a mobile or manufactured home demolished, our demolition company offers same-day quotes and fast and efficient teardowns. Reach out today.