Demolition Services

in Vilano Beach

Home Teardown Services

When it comes to residential demolition in Jacksonville, you can't beat ELEV8 Land Clearing & Demolition. Our demolition company serves all of Florida with the best residential and commercial demolition services. Here in Vilano Beach, we tore down a beachfront home on-time and on-budget. We combine expert knowledge in the demolition business, as well as superior customer service to ensure your demolition job exceeds expectations. Call us for a free estimate today!


  • Follow all applicable state and county laws, such as building inspections and obtain any necessary permits
  • Ensure the home is clear of people and that the utilities are shut off
  • Proceed with home teardown using our trackhoes
  • Haul away the debris

As the best home demolition company in Jacksonville, safety is always our top priority. Before we begin a demolition, we inspect the home, ensure it is empty of people and pets, and ensure the utilities have been disconnected. We make sure we set up safety fencing to keep pedestrians at a safe distance.

ELEV8 Land Clearing & Demolition loves helping homeowners tear down their homes in preparation for a new home, or a new beginning. With years of experience, we complete demo jobs quickly and efficiently. When you need a residential demolition contractor in Vilano Beach or the surrounding area, give us a call!