How Long Does It Take to Demolish a Home in Jacksonville?

If you are feeling unsafe in your home and have recognized alarming structural problems such as extreme mold damage and corrosion from Jacksonville’s humid climate, then it is probably time to move out and call ELEV8’s demolition team. Our services of residential demolition in Jacksonville are wide-ranging, covering one-bedroom homes and three-story mansions. If you are interested in our Jacksonville residential demolition services but are curious about how long it will take, here is a breakdown of the timeframe of our work.

A group of contractors reviewing documents at a construction site

This is the first step of our demolition process after we have agreed on the project with our clients. Pulling permits from the city ensures the job will be safe and hassle-free for everyone involved because it provides protection from lawsuits and legal issues. Completing permit applications takes less than an hour, but it can be a few business days for them to be accepted.

Shut-Off Process

After we have received the go-ahead to tear down the home, we will disconnect all utilities in the building. This means we need to get in touch with local water, gas, and electric companies to give them a schedule of when we need these utility lines shut off. This is important for the surrounding areas and homes nearby because we do not want to damage their services. Like the permitting process, this will also be done days in advance of the actual demolition.

A closeup of a utility meter
A backhoe demolishing a home

Demolition Process

With permits in hand and utilities disconnected, everything is in place to begin the demolition work of the building. We will tear down the structure with our excavators and remove the flooring. Depending on the size of the house, this can take a single day or it can take a handful. Regardless, we assure you our ELEV8 team works as efficiently as possible to get the job done in a timely manner.

Site Clean-Up

During our demolition phase, we will use our excavator to haul the debris into our trucks and dumpsters. After the structure is completely torn down, we will bring the materials to an approved waste and recycling center to have the mess removed. We clean up your site so it is ready for whatever plans you have in mind for its next usage.

A debris cleanup bag full of demolition debris

Overall, ELEV8 strives to have you satisfied within one week of your scheduled home demolition. Jacksonville properties vary in size, however, so we cannot guarantee that your home will fit that timeframe. It typically takes 24 hours to demolish 2,000 square feet; so if you want to demolish a 10,000 square foot home, that job would take approximately five days. Adding on the pre-demolition steps, a couple more days are tacked onto this estimate. Because we realize that demolition is often an urgent matter, we give you fast, free estimates on your home demolition projects. Contact ELEV8 Demolition today to get your quote within the next 24 hours!

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