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While on the outside, residential and commercial demolition looks easy (after all, how hard is it to knock down a building?), it's actually a job that takes a lot of planning, skill, and know-how to get the job done right and on-time and on-budget.  If you are looking for a reliable and efficient demolition contractor in Atlantic Beach, call us today!

Our Home Demolition Services

At ELEV8, we know that when you've seen one home, you've seen one home. And when it comes to demolition, we know the process must be tailored to the job. Whether you wish to demolish the entire house or focus on certain aspects of it, such as your pool, garage, deck, and so on, ELEV8 knows how to deliver your demolition project safely, efficiently, and on-budget


Home Demolition

We provide full-service home demolition for homes in Jacksonville and the many surrounding areas. We are thoroughly experienced in all types of building teardown, so you can rest assured that no home is too much of a challenge for us. 

We are equipped with all the heavy equipment necessary to carry out a demolition job without damaging surrounding areas — even in a tight space. We are also capable of tearing down buildings up to nine stories tall, so you don’t have to worry about the home being too big.

While most homeowners aren’t exactly itching to tear down their house, there are many reasons why a contractor would need to. This is a job that needs to be done with care on-time, on-budget, and to absolute completion — all while adhering to building codes and safety standards. ELEV8 is well qualified in every one of these areas, making us your ideal choice for home demolition, large or small.

Modular and Mobile Home Demolition

Mobile homes (or manufactured homes) can be a great investment for any property owner. Because of their modular nature, they’re easy to put up, affordable to build, and they can be moved around — truly a versatile building! Unfortunately, this also means that they don’t have the longevity of traditional homes, and sometimes, a mobile home just isn’t worth saving. Should that be the case, ELEV8 can help.

We are well-practiced in mobile home demolition. In fact, it’s one of our most popular services. Whether they’re being replaced by a newer structure, being torn down because the owner is moving, or the land is being cleared for a new purpose, you’ll need a team of professionals who will make the demolition process simple and easy.

If you’re running a mobile home park, you may require multiple buildings to be torn down at once. No problem — our crews and heavy equipment can handle every job, and we’ll clear all the debris so you can move forward with your new project ASAP. Tearing down a mobile home is often more affordable than relocating it; save yourself money by calling the most qualified team in Jacksonville.

The same principles apply for modular homes. Whether your home is considered a mobile home, modular home, or manufactured home, we can get the job done expertly.


Pool, Deck, and Patio Demolition

If you’re a homeowner embarking on an ambitious new landscaping project, or a contractor clearing out a lot, we’ll tear down that old pool as quickly as possible so that your project can continue without delay.

We also offer garage, deck, and patio demolition services. Theses are often more complicated than it may seem and can be done more efficiently and safely by utilizing machines. Work with the expert ELEV8 team, and your garage, deck, or patio can be torn down and cleaned up within the day.

When undertaking any demolition service in Atlantic Beach, ELEV8 Demolition is dedicated to high standards, safety of our workplace, and 100% client satisfaction. When you partner with our  company, you will have a team of consummate professionals working to complete your demolition project on-time and on-budget. We understand that you're under a time constraint. We work with homeowners, business owners, municipalities, churches, developers, and more to complete your project so you can continue to build your dreams. Contact our demolition company in Atlantic Beach today for a free estimate!

Why Choose ELEV8?

No residential demolition project is too complex for our experienced team to handle. If you’re in Jacksonville or the surrounding regions, give us a call.

With ELEV8, here’s what you can count on:


Licensed and Insured

ELEV8 is a state-licensed Certified General Contractor (CGC #1528313) and we have all the necessary General Liability and Workers Compensation insurance policies and coverages to ensure that our customers are always protected. 


Fast Permit Pulling

The majority of residential demolition projects require a demolition permit from the city or county in which the property is located. The permitting process can be arduous and frustrating for property owners attempting to manage it on their own. As a state-licensed Certified General
Contractor, ELEV8 can take permitting worries off your checklist.



From initial inquiry to completion, we can take care of most projects within one week or less. We don’t provide blanket prices on our website because each job is unique and has its own custom quote. However, if you want to know our
rates, we won’t keep you waiting. All you need to do is call us within our business hours, and we can provide you with a same-day quote, completely free of charge.


No Upfront Payment

At ELEV8, we stand by our work, and we’re confident that you will, too. For that reason, there are no upfront deposits, ever. We bill you after the job is completed.

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No residential demolition project is too complex for our experienced team to handle. If you’re in Jacksonville or
any of the surrounding areas, contact us today to get started with your residential demolition project.