Questions to Ask an Industrial Demolition Contractor

Once you've decided that it's time to call in a demolition contractor, it can be hard to know where to start with the selection process. We know that you probably have a ton of questions, ranging everything from the price of the project to the overall timelines and project experience. On top of that, you need to find a reputable industrial demolition Jacksonville contractor. 

But how can you be sure that the company you hire is up to the task? Here are some great questions to ask an industrial demolition team before starting your project. If you're ready to get a quote from ELEV8 Demolition, contact us for your free estimate!


This is an important question to ask, as industrial demolition projects can be quite different from residential or even commercial demolitions. Make sure that the contractor you hire has experience with the specific type of project you need to be completed before choosing them for your industrial demolition needs.

You'll want to know that the team you hire has ample experience with industrial demolition. This will ensure that they know how to handle the unique challenges that come with these types of projects. ELEV8 Demolition is a fully licensed and insured industrial demolition contractor based in Jacksonville, Florida. We have years of experience with a wide range of industrial demolition projects.

How do you plan on accomplishing the demolition?

There are a variety of methods that can be used for industrial demolition, and the contractor you hire should be able to tell you about their specific approach. This will help you understand what to expect during the demolition process, as well as how long it is likely to take.

At Elev8 Demolition, we have a wide variety of demolition services services we can help with, ranging from industrial to residential:

  • Home demolition
  • Commercial demolition
  • Mobile home demolition
  • Pool demolition
  • Emergency demolition
  • Environmental remediation

What is your safety record like?

Safety should always be your top priority when it comes to industrial demolition projects. You'll want to make sure that the contractor you hire has a stellar safety record. You want to make sure you have an industrial demolition team that not only knows how to keep their job site safe and secure but also how to properly dispose of the demolition debris.

How long will the project take? 

When you're trying to plan beyond the demolition process, having a general timeline is essential. You'll want to know how long the industrial demolition contractor expects the project to take. Also, when you have an idea of how long it should take, you can avoid any surprises down the road.


How many industrial demolition projects have you completed? 

The contractor's experience with industrial demolition projects is another important thing to consider. Ask them how many they've completed and what the outcome was. This gives you a good idea of how familiar they are with industrial demolition projects.

At ELEV8 Demolition, you can take a look at some of our previous demolition work to get a better idea of the industrial demolition projects we've completed!

What is your estimated cost for the project? 

It's also important to get a breakdown of the estimated cost for the project. This will help you plan and budget accordingly — and help you make decisions about your demolition needs! 

Asking these questions will help you narrow down your options and find the perfect industrial demolition contractor for your project. ELEV8 Demolition is here to help with all of your demolition needs! Contact our team today for a free estimate.

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