The Residential Demolition Contractor Jacksonville Calls for a Safe Demolition

Safety is one of the most important parts of any construction, renovation, or demolition process. ELEV8 Demolition is a Jacksonville demolition contractor that goes above and beyond industry standards to ensure all necessary precautions are taken, equipment is up-to-date, and implements practices to ensure everyone and everything involved in the process stays safe.

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Read on for an overview of how we ensure the demolition process is conducted safely.

a person demolishing a wall

All ELEV8 employees are required to have necessary experience with all aspects of the job. It is essential they understand how to properly use all equipment, wear proper gear, and perform the demolition as they have been trained. Managers provide daily checks and proactively prevent injuries by ensuring all safety protocols are being followed.

Final Sweeps

Before demolition begins, we always conduct final sweeps, checking every inch of the house to assure that everyone and everything is outside the building. It is necessary following final sweeps for employees to be at a safe distance before the demolition process begins. After final sweeps are completed, your residential demolition is able to proceed.

people in safety gear preforming an inspection
a person in safety gear

Use of Safety Equipment

As we touched on before, all employees are required to be knowledgeable about all aspects of the work, not just their own specialty. This is important so everyone knows what equipment is needed to be worn throughout the demolition. In addition to understanding the demolition equipment, employees wear hard hats, gloves, work boots, and masks, for extra safety.

Site Clean-Up

When conducting the debris cleanup after the demolition, dangers are still present. Slips, falling debris, airborne particles, and other things can all be dangerous. Our employees are trained to be properly cautious and use all the necessary equipment to stay safe when performing the job.

debree in bags at a demolition site

Doing a residential demolition is risky on your own, and safety should always be your top priority. If you are looking to get a residential demolition in Jacksonville, get started with a quote from ELEV8 Demolition today!!

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