What Are The 3 Main Types of Residential Demolition in Jacksonville?

When it comes to residential demolition in Jacksonville, FL there are three main types of demolition, of which each type is used for a different purpose. ELEV8 is a state-licensed certified general contractor that can provide all three types of residential demolition services. No matter what type of demolition you need, our crew will come to survey your property, give you an estimate, start the work, and even clean up after demolition is over. We are the team you want to choose when you’re in need of a demolition. Continue reading about the three main types of residential demolition and contact us today to receive a free quote!


Total Demolition

A total demolition is when an entire home is brought down in its entirety and removed from the property. This type of residential demolition in Jacksonville is performed by ELEV8 with extra caution so as not to damage anything around it during the process. After we perform the total demolition, our crew will even handle cleaning up the mess, so you don't have to worry about a thing. This type of demolition would be used if there is an existing structure on the land that you want to use to build your home from scratch.


Selective Demolition

Selective demolition refers to demolishing only specific parts of a home, while keeping the rest intact. This type of demolition is often used when there are particular parts of a home that need to be repaired, rebuilt, or replaced due to being outdated. If your home has a bathroom that was built in the 1930s and needs to be completely rebuilt, then a selective demolition is what you need. Choose the certified general contractors at ELEV8 for the job, since we will take care to carefully perform our demolition and ensure nothing else is damaged.

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Interior Demolition

As the name suggests, with an "interior" residential demolition, you are removing certain interior parts, such as walls and ceilings, while maintaining the exterior of the home, as opposed to a total demolition, where the entire structure is brought down. Interior demolition is often used when a home needs to be gutted before it's renovated or remodeled. If you’re looking to fully remodel your home’s interior, get in touch with the residential demolition contractors at ELEV8 for quality demolition services. We will ensure your exterior structure remains intact for your remodeling project once we’re finished.

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Why Choose ELEV8 for Your Demolition Project?

ELEV8 is a state-licensed certified general contractor in Jacksonville, FL. We have plenty of experience when it comes to home demolition, including demolition for homes, mobile homes, modular homes, garages, pools, and more! Our residential demolition contractors stand by our standard of excellence to ensure our customers’ safety, that we will arrive on time, and will stay within your budget. Our team will handle the logistics of obtaining permits, performing utility disconnects, and ensuring total clean up after demolition, among other details. ELEV8 is the most trusted contractor in Jacksonville, and you won’t regret having us on your side!

If you're interested in any of the three types of residential demolition services, then contact ELEV8 today! We specialize in all aspects of home demolition in Jacksonville that ensures a safe removal process for your property. From total demolition and selective demolition to interior demolition, our team can handle it all. Turn to ELEV8 for comprehensive and full service demolition for your next remodeling project or new build. We strive to provide exceptional service every single time. Learn more on our Home Demolition page and contact us today for a free quote to get started!