How to Repurpose Your Backyard Swimming Pool



Swimming pools can be pure delight to have. They offer superb, non-impact exercise, are great to have kids’ birthday parties, and nothing beats lounging by a pool on a hot summer day in Jacksonville, Florida. That being said, swimming pools are a lot of work, and they take up a lot of space, leaving many homeowners looking to repurpose their backyard swimming pool.

ELEV8 Demolition is a pool demolition contractor in Jacksonville, Florida. We can remove unwanted backyard swimming pools and backfill your space, leaving you with a level backyard once again. Below, we’ll go over some ideas to repurpose your backyard swimming pool. Call our Jacksonville demolition company for a free quote today!


Create a Sunken Patio

There is no rule that says patios have to be flat. Pools can make a really cool, unique patio area, especially if they are rectangular in shape. You can design these repurposed pool patios just like you would a normal patio, complete with tables, chairs, umbrellas, and landscaping. You can add in terraces so to speak with beautiful annuals or perennials of all colors. Or, you could make use of pots and even have small trees and shrubs. The sky’s the limit for your outdoor pool patio.

Build A Deck Over It

Having a spacious deck with your outdoor kitchen and entertainment space can be a lifesaver in the summer when you just need to relax outdoors in your personal oasis. You can build a deck over your pool space with all of the amenities you are craving, such as a grill, a fridge, an icemaker, and a keg. You could leave access to the pool space below your deck for storage purposes or to make a great doghouse for your pups to retreat from the scorching mid-day Jacksonville sun.

Create A Separate Living Space Or Retreat

If you think about it, your Jacksonville pool is like a basement that has already been dug with concrete walls installed. Thus, you could build a roof over the top of your pool and have a separate living space or retreat all your own. Depending on the type of pool you had installed, you may already have electrical wires nearby you can tap into. You can make it as homey as you want. This can be a great place for your teenager to spend their days as they are craving independence from you, or it can make a great art studio, sewing room, or workshop. It can also become the best place to watch football with the guys. In essence, you will be getting an extra addition to your home.


If all of these ideas are unappealing to you, call ELE8 Demolition in Jacksonville for pool removal. Our expert demolition company can give you a free quote and be in and out of your backyard in a jiffy, leaving you with a nice space to repurpose. Call us for a free quote today!


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