Staying Safe on a Demolition Job Site


While knocking down buildings may look easy, it’s anything but. It entails a lot of planning, coordination, and teamwork to get the job done effectively and safely. Due to the very nature of demolition work, from the falling of building materials and a structure that is unstable, it can be quite easy for accidents to occur. However, with the proper planning and preparation, demolition accidents can be almost eliminated from most demolition jobs.

ELEV8 Demolition is a Jacksonville-based demolition contractor. We offer all types of demolition, from residential and commercial to industrial and municipality demolition. Our demolition crews engage in ongoing safety training in order to ensure our demolition job sites are secure and our employees stay safe. Below, we’ll offer up some safety tips you can employ for your demolition jobs, no matter the type. Contact us to learn more today!


Plan Ahead

This demolition tip may seem obvious, but it is probably the most important thing you can do in order to stay safe on a demolition job site. There are many steps that happen before the actual demolition of a building can take place, from assessing the condition of the building that you will be knocking down to locating all utilities and ensuring they are turned off and understanding if any hazardous wastes, such as asbestos, exist in the building. Forming a demolition plan and making sure everyone who is on the demolition job site understands it is critical to safety.

Provide the Right Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is required on a demolition job site at all times. This includes a hard hat, closed-toes boots (preferably steel-toed boots), goggles for eye protection, ear plugs for hearing protection, and gloves to protect the hands. Odds are, most demolition companies provide these to their employees; however, they may not emphasize the importance of wearing these at all times while on the job site.

Enforcing the rules is where many demolition companies falter, and this is how some demolition accidents can turn tragic quickly. At ELEV8 Demolition in Jacksonville, we take the safety of our employees seriously. We ensure our crew wears their PPE at all times while on the job site. All members of our crew have the power to stop a demolition job if they see something unsafe. Having a different perspective is extremely beneficial, and when all employees have a safety-first mindset, accidents are extremely rare.

Train Your Employees

If you’ve never been around a collapsing building, you probably have no idea what happens. Besides training your employees on how to drive and operate heavy equipment safety, it’s important to stress the hazards of a demolition job site as well, such as falling debris and unstable footing if walking on torn down building materials.

In addition, safety training should include basic First AID, so if an accident does occur, the crew can react properly. ELEV8 Demolition engages in on-going safety training, from weekly safety training to daily review of the demolition job. All of our employees are expected to show proficiency in all aspects of safety before being allowed on a demolition job site.


It is federal law under OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Act) that all employers must provide a safe work environment for employees, whether you work in a grocery store, a coffee shop, or on a demolition job site. Training your employees on what to be on the lookout for and the particular hazards of their job will prevent most injuries. While accidents happen, these can be minimized by engaging in on-going training, by providing your employees with the proper PPE, and by planning ahead.

ELEV8 Demolition is proud of our safety record. We do everything possible to keep our crews safe and the public safe in the area of the job site. Admittedly, some demolition jobs are harder to secure (like those on busy public roads) than others, but by staying vigilant and educating the public, demolition job sites can be very safe places, indeed.

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