Reasons for a Barn Demolition Service


Old barns are a piece of Americana that many people love. Let’s face it, some of the best photographs and paintings are of barns. They stand tall against the horizon and are often in a peaceful, idyllic scene, with crops growing around them or barn animals, such as cows and horses around. For centuries, they have been great gathering places of communities who got together and celebrated life with barn dances and big meals. Today, barns have seen a rebirth of sorts with the rise in popularity of barn weddings. Barns hold a lot of history that is meaningful to many.

ELEV8 Demolition is a demolition contractor serving the greater Jacksonville, Florida, area. We offer residential, commercial, pool, patio, and mobile home demolition. We can handle your demolition job from start to finish, and we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the reasons to demolish a Jacksonville-area barn. Call our demolition company to get started today!


You Don’t Use Your Barn Anymore

Let’s face it, a barn takes up a lot of space. After all, it’s another building on your property, and that’s space you could be using for other purposes, such as pasture, farmland, or to put your kids’ trampoline or playset on. If you are no longer using your barn, you may want to consider a barn demolition in order to repurpose that space for something that you will use. Call ELEV8 Demolition for a free quote today.

It’s an Eyesore

If your barn is dilapidated, caving in, or otherwise in a major state of disrepair, you may want to consider a barn demolition service because you are tired of looking at it. In addition, if you are considering refinancing your home, a dilapidated barn is most definitely not helping your home and property’s value. If you are looking to sell your home, it is not adding to curb appeal unless you are selling your property as a historic investment. Furthermore, the barn on your Jacksonville property may even be a turn off to potential homeowners, especially if they are looking at it as a liability.

It’s a Liability

Speaking of liability, an old barn on your property may be one. If you think about it, in today’s society, if someone gets hurt in your barn, even if they aren’t supposed to be on your property, they could sue you — and win. This could cost you a lot of money and even put you in financial ruin. Old barns are also a hazard in the case of a major storm blowing through, especially if the barn is located near other structures where people live, such as your home. It could also be costing you in higher insurance premiums because of its potential to cause harm to others or to your home, depending on how close it is to your main dwelling.

You Want the Wood

Salvaging your barn’s wood could bring you a pretty penny if you were to sell it. This is because salvaged wood from old structures has become highly desirable for its beauty. It can be incorporated into new homes as accents, such as flooring, beams, and doors, or it can be used by woodworkers who want to make cool items from it, such as furniture or figurines. However, some barn wood is more valuable than others. If you have a barn that is over 100 years old, chances are, it was built from old-growth hardwoods, such as oak, pine, maple, and other species. These woods are much more valuable than newer woods.


Barns are great buildings that serve a unique purpose in America and hold a special place in many people’s hearts. From sheltering our animals to providing a place to take a nap in the hay in summer, many Americans grew up with barns and love them. That being said, at times, a barn demolition may be necessary. First, you need to make sure you do your research and ensure that your barn does not hold any historic value. Some cities and even states make it illegal to tear down buildings with historic value without permission.

ELEV8 Demolition offers barn demolition teardown services near Jacksonville. If you have an old barn you need gone, give us a call. We offer free quotes, and our team works quickly and efficiently. We handle all of the permitting, as well as utility shut-offs, and we clean up your space, leaving it as good as new. Safety is of paramount importance to our demolition company, and we always exercise great care to ensure your employees, bystanders, and your property are taken care of. Call us for your free quote today!


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