How Demolition Affects Property Value


Many homeowners and businesses own property or land that has old buildings on them, and they wonder if engaging the services of a professional demolition contractor will increase the value of their property. ELEV8 Demolition is often asked this question, and the answer is: it depends. There are many factors to consider in demolition and your property, so generalizations are hard to make.

Our demolition company serves Jacksonville, Florida, with the best residential and commercial demolition services, as well as industrial, fire, and emergency demolition. We pride ourselves on always putting our customers and treating them how we want to be treated. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the factors that can affect property value. Contact our demolition company today!


Shape of the Building

No, we don’t mean the geometric shape of the building. When we talk about the shape of the building in demolition, we are talking about its structural integrity. When deciding to demo a building, you’ll have to assess its condition. If your building is on the verge of falling down, is unuseable, and of little value, then demolition is most definitely an option and can increase your property’s value. This is because vacant land is worth more, and vacant land that has the potential to have a new structure on it is valuable, indeed.

Zoning of the Building

When considering the value of your property with regards to demolition, you’ll have to also consider the use of the land. Residential property is generally worth more when vacant than with an old building on it. This is because the future homeowner or builder will have to pay to have it demolished before a new home can be built. However, for commercial property, an old building on the land can be okay because the new business will generally demolish it and begin anew.

Liability of the Building

Many people love to look at abandoned buildings. After all, they can be cool to look at, and for movies, they are really cool to film in. However, abandoned buildings are usually liabilities. Despite the “No Trespassing” signs you have posted, people may still be lured in by their appeal, and if they happen to get hurt while on your property, you can still be liable for that. This can decrease the value of your property simply because future buyers don’t want to purchase a liability. However, if you have an unused building on your property that is structurally sound, then leaving the building may increase the value of your property.

Donate the Building

Fire departments rely on donations of old buildings that are slated for demolition for training purposes. If you have an old building you are considering demoing, then reach out to your local fire department first. This can save you a lot of money because cleaning up a burnt building eliminates a lot of the cost of demolition. If the building was an eyesore and a liability, not having it anymore can increase the value of your property as well.


You want to be cautious anytime you undertake the demolition of a building. You should assess the value of it, the value of what you will put there instead, or the value personally of what you will use the space for. For instance, if you want to demolish a garage so you can have an outdoor living space of your dreams that you’ve always wanted, then the value to you is worth more than the building.

ELEV8 Demolition has years of experience in demolishing residential, commercial, mobile homes, and industrial buildings and warehouses. Whether the building is a liability or because the property owner wishes to repurpose the building, we can help. Our demolition company in Jacksonville prides itself on being your one-stop-shop for all your demolition needs. We handle the job from start to finish, pulling permits and disconnecting utilities, as well as hauling away all materials and leaving your land good as new and ready to use. Our team is safe, reliable, and dependable, and we guarantee our work. As the top-rated local demolition company in Jacksonville, we can’t wait to serve you. Reach out to us for a free estimate today!


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