Signs You Need Mobile Home Demolition in Jacksonville


It can be hard to let go sometimes, especially of something that holds a lot of happy memories. The biggest challenge for many is leaving their homes behind, be it from a move for your career, or you are just downsizing as you get older. The same can be said for when it’s time to let go of your mobile home.

ELEV8 Demolition is a local demolition company serving the greater Jacksonville area, including Vilano, Atlantic, and Fernandina Beach. We offer residential, commercial, and mobile home demolition services. Our mission is to help you create the space and the homes you’ve been craving. Our experience and knowledge set us apart from other Jacksonville demolition contractors. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the signs that it’s time to let go and call for mobile home removal. Call to get started today!


Your Mobile Home Has Outlived Its Life Expectancy

Due to the very nature of mobile or manufactured homes, they just don’t hold up as long as normal, stick-built homes. The average life expectancy of a mobile home in Jacksonville is between 30 and 55 years. If your mobile home is in this age range or older, odds are, it is in major disrepair. Give our Jacksonville demolition company a call for a free estimate.

Repairs Cost More That the Replacement

If you’ve gotten estimates for repair work to be performed on your mobile home and the estimates are quite high, it may be time to consider mobile home removal. Such problems as foundational work or plumbing are hard to fix, so the price goes up dramatically. If your repairs are higher than you’d like, give ELEV8 a call for a free mobile home demolition quote today.

Structurally Unsafe

Mobile homes wear out sooner than normal homes. That being said, you may notice that your roof is sagging, foundations are sinking or need shoring up, the doors won’t close, or walls have shifted. These are all signs that major structural work needs to be performed in order to make your mobile home in Jacksonville safe for occupancy. Call our demolition company for a free estimate today.

Your Mobile Home Has Been Condemned

To have a mobile home condemned, a state or government entity, such as the health department, has to come in and deem that the property is unsafe for living conditions. This can be due to abandonment, dilapidation, bio-contamination, mold, or more. If a Jacksonville mobile home has been condemned, it has to be removed. ELEV8 Demolition can handle the job. Call for a free quote today.


ELEV8 Demolition has years of experience in removing mobile homes that are just unfit for human occupation. Our expert team undergoes extensive, on-going training in order to operate a safe and efficient demolition job. We work hard to be on-time and on-budget with our demolition jobs so that you can push ahead with what’s next for the property. We are a comprehensive demolition contractor, handling all of the permitting, utility shut-offs, and cleanup for you.

When you partner with us, you’ll have peace of mind that your residential, commercial, or mobile home demolition will go off without a hitch. Call for a free estimate today!


Our experience, and know-how means we can handle complex buildings up to 8 stories tall, as well as those in close quarters. We offer a turnkey commercial demolition solution (from environmental testing through permit pulling and utility disconnects) to streamline the process.


From house demolitions large and small to ancillary structures (garages, barns, pools, etc.), we are experienced in demolition of all types of structures, so you can rest assured that no residential demolition project is too much of a challenge for us.



If you need a mobile or manufactured home demolished, our demolition company offers same-day quotes and fast and efficient teardowns. Reach out today.