What Does it Mean to Be Licensed, Bonded, and Insured?


As customers, the terms “licensed, bonded, and insured” are used all the time, and most people have no idea what they mean. However, these terms are crucial in order to protect you, the customer, should something go wrong on a job site, such as if someone becomes hurt, or damage is done to the property that was never intended.

ELEV8 Demolition is a Jacksonville-based demolition contractor who specializes in residential, commercial, industrial, emergency, and fire damage demolition. We also offer swimming pool removal services, and outbuilding removal services, such as sheds, garages, and barns. Our mission is to help you have the property you desire. We are passionate about ensuring your old buildings and other unwanted structures are removed safely, promptly, and efficiently. Below, we’ll take a look at what it means to be licensed, bonded, and insured. Contact our Jacksonville demolition company to get started today!


What is Licensed?

When a business is licensed, that means it meets all of the legal requirements in order to do business. Oftentimes, these are regulations that your local and/or state government put forth that the business must meet. This is usually taking measures to be incorporated as a sole proprietor, an LLC, or other business classifications.



What is Bonded?

A bond is a process where the demolition company partners with a surety company in order to purchase a bond against any wrong-doings. For example, if the demolition company does not finish the job or they don’t pay for permits, the customer can file a lien against the bond for payment, which the surety company would then pay.



What is Insured?

There are two types of insurance that a demolition company should hold: workman’s compensation insurance and general liability insurance. This protects the workers should they get hurt on the job (it pays for their medical expenses, lost wages, death benefits, and pays if the injury was from negligence) and it protects the customer if a non-employee is hurt on their property. It works the same way as any type of insurance you purchase, such as car insurance. Car insurance protects both the occupants of your vehicle and anyone whom you collide with.


Why Are These Important?

Accidents happen when any type of work is being performed, from roofing to pouring concrete and landscaping. All of these are designed to ensure if someone gets hurt, that their needs are met and that the customer is not liable if the accident occurs on their property. Thus, it’s crucial that the demolition contractor that you hire is covered so you can rest easy knowing you are covered as well. Being licensed, bonded, and insured gives your customers peace of mind that they are protected against financial losses. In this day and age, these financial losses can be significant enough to ruin your customer’s life, as one lawsuit is usually enough. Being bonded, licensed, and insured is simply the right thing to do.


ELEV8 Demolition is a licensed, bonded, and insured demolition company in Jacksonville that is ready to serve your needs, from house teardowns to stump and brush removal and barn demolition services. Our experienced team knows how to bring down tall buildings quickly and how to easily grade your property for your next use. We can tear down mobile homes quickly, and we offer same-day estimates. We understand that in the demolition business, time is precious. We work quickly, but safely, so you can move on to your next project.

Our family-owned demolition company brings a personal touch to all that we do, ensuring all of your questions are answered and that you are happy with the results of your demolition job. We don’t require full payment until you are 100% satisfied. We are detail-oriented and don’t leave any mess behind. We treat your property as our own, and care for it tenderly while we are on it. We value our customers as family and work hard for your satisfaction.

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Our experience, and know-how means we can handle complex buildings up to 8 stories tall, as well as those in close quarters. We offer a turnkey commercial demolition solution (from environmental testing through permit pulling and utility disconnects) to streamline the process.


From house demolitions large and small to ancillary structures (garages, barns, pools, etc.), we are experienced in demolition of all types of structures, so you can rest assured that no residential demolition project is too much of a challenge for us.



If you need a mobile or manufactured home demolished, our demolition company offers same-day quotes and fast and efficient teardowns. Reach out today.