Tips to Hire the Best Jacksonville Demolition Contractor


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If you are in need of a demolition contractor, it’s important to choose carefully. After all, you are talking about knocking down a building safely and effectively. Besides damaging nearby structures, there are passerbys to consider, as well as the potential for an explosion if utilities are not disconnected and the pre-demolition process is not handled correctly. It pays to perform your due diligence and choose the right demolition contractor for you.

ELEV8 Demolition is the best demolition contractor in Jacksonville. With years of experience under our belt and the know-how to handle any type of demolition job that comes our way, our team can handle your residential, commercial, industrial, or emergency demolition job. Whether your warehouse burned down and you need a partial demolition or you need an interior room demoed, we can help. Below, we’ll go over some things to look for when choosing a Jacksonville demolition contractor. Contact us to learn more today!





Get Estimates

Since every demolition job is different, it’s hard to offer up generalities, especially when it comes to price. When you call your local demolition contractors, they will come out to your structure and offer up an estimate. Most offer free estimates, and this is a great time to ask any questions you may have about your demolition project, offer up details to the contractor, and get a good sense of their professionalism and ability.

Look for Experience

Many people underestimate the skill required to take down a building safely and effectively. After all, it looks easy on TV. You just get a piece of heavy equipment and go to work. This is far from the truth. Taking down a residential or commercial building takes a lot of forethought, planning, and then precise implementation. This requires an experienced Jacksonville demolition contractor. Training is important here, so inquiring about the training of the demolition crew is a good idea as well.

Verify Insurance

Demolition can be a dangerous job, so it’s essential that the Jacksonville demolition contractor you choose has insurance and is licensed and bonded. This protects you from any liability if something adverse should happen on the job site. You’ll also want to ensure the demolition company you are considering does not have any citation or violations against them. This could be for safety violations or failure to pull the correct permits before the demolition job begins.

Ask About Equipment

Heavy equipment is a big part of what makes a demolition job successful. After all, it is the equipment that is knocking down the building and hauling it away. Heavy equipment is quite expensive so most demolition contractors won’t have brand new dozers, loaders, and skid steers. However, having equipment that is in good working order ensures no costly breakdowns that can delay your project.

Ask About Safety

Since demolition has the potential to harm others, it’s important that the Jacksonville demolition contractor you choose has a great safety record. This ensures that they take safety seriously while on the job. In addition, ask about their safety training as well. Most demolition contractors have safety briefings every day before the job begins. Find out the details, so you can rest assured employees are safe.

Ask for Referrals

Referrals is hands-down the best way to find a reputable demolition company in Jacksonville. Having someone you know and trust, like a family member or work colleague, who recommends a company and can offer first-hand experience is as good as gold. They can speak to how the demolition project went, if the contractor was on-time and on-budget, and so much more. If you don’t have a direct referral, online reviews are another great way to learn about a demolition contractor and narrow down your search.





ELEV8 Demolition is proud to offer our customers affordable, on-time and on-budget, and safe demolition services in the Jacksonville area. We’ve worked hard to ensure our customers are satisfied and our demolition jobs are done quickly. We have the best demolition equipment, trained employees, and we clean up after we’re gone, leaving your piece of property as good as new and ready for your next building project. From mobile home demolition and pool demolition to fire and barn demolition, we’ve got your needs covered.

Whatever your needs are and the size of the project you are looking to complete, we can help. Call our Jacksonville demolition company to get started today!


Our experience, and know-how means we can handle complex buildings up to 8 stories tall, as well as those in close quarters. We offer a turnkey commercial demolition solution (from environmental testing through permit pulling and utility disconnects) to streamline the process.


From house demolitions large and small to ancillary structures (garages, barns, pools, etc.), we are experienced in demolition of all types of structures, so you can rest assured that no residential demolition project is too much of a challenge for us.



If you need a mobile or manufactured home demolished, our demolition company offers same-day quotes and fast and efficient teardowns. Reach out today.